CHAPTER X The Corset and the Crinoline - A Book of Letters
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Adventure, an, of Louise de Lorraine, 92, 97.

Alarming diseases said to be produced by wearing highheeled shoes, 194, 195.

Ancient inhabitants of Polenqui, reduction of the waist by, 10.

An Italian duchess, the costume of, 54.

Antiquities of Egypt, researches among, 25-27.

Augsburg, the ladies of, by Hoechstetterus, 104.

Austria, Empress of, elegant figure of, 165.


Backboards and stocks, 134.

Bands (narrow), used as substitutes for corsets injurious, 213, 214.

Barbers, an army of, 110.

Beauties of Circassia, 13,14.

Beauty, Hindoo ideas regarding, 19, 20.

Belles of India, 19, 20.

Belt (ornamented) of the Indians, 9.

Bernaise dress, 65.

Blanche, daughter of Edward III., dress of, 49.

Boarding-school discipline, letter on, 171,171.

Boddice, bodice, or bodies, 123.

Bonnet a canon, the, 60.

Bouffant sleeves of the reign of Henry II., 65.

Bridal dress of an Israelitish lady, 28.

Buchan, writings of, 130.


Ceylon, figure-training in, 13.

Chaucer's writings, his admiration of small waists, 50.

Chinese gentleman, letter from a, 20.

Cleopatra and her jewels, 37.

Clumsy figures great drawbacks to young ladies, 182.

Conquest of the Roman Empire, 38.

Corps, the, 72, 75.

Corset, a peculiar form of, worn by some ladies of fashion in France, 190.

Corset in use among the Israelitish ladies, 28, 29.

Corset, general use of the, on the Continent for boys, 136-138.

Corset, origin of, 9.

Corset, use of by the inhabitants of the Eastern Archipelago, 10.

Corset-covers (steel), 75.

Corsets and high-heeled shoes denounced, 194, 195.

Corsets, custom of wearing during sleep, 150,153.

Corsets for growing girls, remarks on, 167,168.

Corsets of the present day contrasted with those of the olden time, 196.

Corsets, remarks on the proper application of, 214-216.

Corsets, severe form of, worn in the Elizabethan period, 75,76.

Corsets, the small size of, made in London, 165.

Corsets, their use for youths, 138.

Corsets worn by gentlemen in 1265, 46.

Corsets worn by gentlemen of the present time, 138.

Costume a l'enfant, 98.

Costume a la Watteau, 109.

Costume of the court of Louis XVI., 124.

Costumes of the ladies of Israel, 27-29.

Cottes hardies, 41.

Crim Tartary, beautiful princesses of, 14,19.

Crinoline among the South Sea Islanders, 143.

Crinoline and slender waists, remarks of Madame La Sante on, 143,144.

Crinoline not a new term, 143.

Cromwell's time, tight-lacing in, 104.


De La Garde's French corsets, 209,210.

Demon of fashion, a monkish satire, 42.

Determined tailor, a, 55.

Dress in 1776, 129.

Dress, its elegance dependent on the corset, 189.

Dresses (low) of 1713, 115.

Dunbar's Thistle and Rose, 50.



Earth-eating in Java, 13.

Eastern Archipelago, use of the corset in, 10.

Edict of the Emperor Joseph of Austria forbidding the use of stays, 66.

Edinburgh, Traditions of, anecdote from, 144.

Egyptian fashions and costumes, 25-27.

Elastic corsets condemned, 213.

Eleanor, Countess of Leicester, entry in household register of, 45,46.

Elegance of figure highly esteemed by the Persians, 20.

Elegant costumes of the ancient Jewish ladies, 27-29.

Empress of Austria, the, portrait of, 166.

Escapade of young Louis of France, 98.

Extravagance of the Roman ladies, 36.


Families, Medici, Este, and Visconti, 54.

Family man, letter from a, 184,185.

Farthingale, the, protest against, 110.

Fashionable promenades of Ancient Rome, 35.

Fashion and dress in 1865m 189.

Fashion in the reign of King Pepin, 41.

Fashion in 1713, 115.

Fashions in Ancient Egypt, 27-29.

Figure, general remarks on the, 182.

Figure, letter on the, 190-193.

Figure, reduction of, by the ancient inhabitants of Polenqui, 10.

Figure-training, 133,167.

Food, abstinence from, an assistance to the corset, 144,149.

Freaks of fashion in France and Germany, 54.

French revolutionary period, dress during, 129.

Front-fastening stays, remarks concerning, 202-204.


Gay, the writings of, 123.

Guardian, the, correspondence from, relating to the fashions of 1713, 110, 115, 116, 119, 120, 121, 122, 123.

Guardian, the, letters from, relating to low dresses and tight stays, 120-123.

Gustavus Adolphus, the officers of, 135.


Hair powder, its introduction, 97.

Henry III. of France a wearer of corsets, 76, 81.

Hindoo belles, 19, 20.

Hindoo standards of beauty, 19,20.

Hogarth, stays drawn by, 129.

Homer speaks of the corset, 30.


Improvements in corsets brought about by the advance of civilisation, 10.

Indian hunting-belt, 9,10.

Israelitish ladies, 27-29.


Jane Shore, penance of, 46-49.

Java, earth-eating in, 19.

Jonson (Ben), his remarks on stays, 123.

Jumpers and Garibaldis, 130.


King Charles I. of England, fashions of the court of, 103.

King George III., fashion in the reign of, 135.

King James and his fondness for dress, 89,90.

King Louis XV. of France, fashion in the reign of, 109.

Kirtle, the, 46.


Ladies of Old France, 41.

Lady Morton, diminutive waist of, 166.

Lady Triamore, daughter of the King of the Fairies, 45.

Lady's-maid, accomplishments of a, 123..

Launfal, poem of, 45.

Lawn ruffs of Queen Bess, 82,87.

Laws, sumptuary, relating to dress, 90.

Letter from a lady, who habitually laces with extreme tightness, in praise of the practice, 182-184.

Letters from ladies who have been subjected to tight-lacing, 155-164.

Louis XIV. of France, court of, 98.

Louis XIV. of France, the court of, high-heeled shoes, slender waists, and fancy costumes, fashionable at, 98.

Louise de Lorraine, fête dress of, 97.

Louise de Lorraine, strange freaks of, 92,97.


Marie d'Anjou, costume of, 54.

Marie de Medici and the costumes of her time, 97.

Marie Stuart, costume of, 159.

Medical evidence in favour of stays, 134,135.



Medical man, letter from, in favour of moderately tight lacing, 154,155.

Minet back corset described, 213.

Mitra used by the Grecian ladies, 33.

Mode of adding stability to the front-fastening corset, 209.

Mortality among the female sex not on the increase, 195.


Old authors, their remarks on stays, 194.


Peplus, the, 33.

Proportions of the figure and size of waist considered, 193.

Puritanism, its effect on fashion, 104.


Queen Anne, fashions during the reign of, 110.

Queen Catherine de Medici and Queen Elizabeth of England, 72,75.

Queen Elizabeth's collection of false hair, 87,88.

Queen newspaper, letter from, on small waists, 165-168.


Redresseur corset of Vienna, 210.

Remarks on the changes of fashion, 143.

Remarks on the flimsy materials used in making some modern corsets, 210.

Revival of the taste for small waists in Old France, 41.

Roman baths, 34, 35.

Royal standard of fashionable slenderness, 72.


Scotland, small waists admired in, in olden times, 50.

Scriptural references, 29.

Selby, Mrs., the invention of, reviewed, 217.

Self-measurement, remarks concerning, 209.

Short waists and long trains, 129.

Siamese dress, the, 98.

Side-arms of the Elizabethan period, 91.

Snake-toed shoes, long sleeves, and high-heeled slippers, 59.

Starching, the art of, 82.

Statistics, extraordinary, of the corset trade, 195.

Statue, a fashionably dressed, 180.

Stays, formidable kind of, in use in 1776, 129.

Stays, the general use of the word after 1600 in England, 124.

Stays worn habitually by gentlemen, 135.

Strophium, the use of, by the ladies of Rome, 33.

Stubs, Philip, on the ruff, 87-89.

Stubs, his indignation, 88, 89.


Taper waists and figure-training in Ancient Rome, 38.

Terentius, strictures and remarks of, 30.

Thirteenth century, the small waists of, 42.

Thomson's glove-fitting corsets, 204,205.

Tight corsets, letter in praise of, 182,183.

Tight corsets needed for short waists, 190.

Tight-lacing revived, 130.

Toilet of a Roman lady of fashion, 34-36.


United States of America, belles of the, 153.


Venice, fashions of the ladies of, 82,87.

Venus de Medici, waist of, contrasted with the waist of fashion, 180.

Venus, the cestus of, 30.

Vienna, slender waists the fashion in, 165.

Voluminous nether-garments of the gentlemen of the Elizabethan period, 82.


Waist, the point at which it should be formed, 193,194.


Young Baronet, letter from, 184.


Zephyrina jupon of Thomson and Co., 221.

CHAPTER X The Corset and the Crinoline - A Book of Letters
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